Surface Color Characteristic of Wheat Grains as Affected by Different Fertilization Rates


  • Feizollah Shahbazi
  • Ameneh Nematollahi


The objectives were to investigate the relationship between the surface color characteristics of wheat grains and phosphorous and iron fertilizer rates. The treatments were a combination of four rates of phosphorus (0, 75, 150, and 225 kg ha-1) and three rates of foliar iron (0, 1.2, and 2 L ha-1) with three replications. The results of the study showed that some of the surface color values of wheat grains were depended on the phosphorous and foliar iron application rates; resulting in color shift toward the lighter regions. Phosphorus rates created higher variations than iron rates. With increasing the iron rate from 0 to 2 L ha-1, the average value of L* and  color units increased significantly from 40.01 to 41.16, and from 1.56 to 3.33 respectively. No effect of foliar iron on the b* value was observed. As the phosphorus rate changed from 0 to 75 kg ha-1, the mean values of L*, b* and of grains increased significantly from 38.98 to 42.02, from 27.90 to 29.78 and from 1.34 to 3.67, respectively, although, additional increase in the rate of phosphorus, caused a decreasing trend in the values of the above scales. No effect of phosphorus rate on a* value was observed.






VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering