Explanation of evaluation criteria for rice weeding machine in paddy fields of Iran


  • adel ranji Ph.D. Student, Department of biosystems engineering ,Takestan Branch, Islamic Azad University, Takestan, Iran
  • Davood MohamadZamani
  • mohamadhasan Gholami Pareshkoohi Department of biosystems engineering, Islamic Azad University, Takestan Branch, Takestan, Iran
  • mohammad ghahdarijani Department of Agricultural System Engineering, Islamic Azad University, Sciences and Research Branch, Tehran, Iran


Statement of problem: Choosing the suitable weeding machines for paddy fields is of great interest to rice farmers. This choice requires exact evaluation and identifying its criteria can be very crucial. A Fuzzy decision-making system can be designed for a weeder machine through developing fuzzy sets of criteria for selecting suitable weeder machine and provide a good basis for comparison of different types of machines considering each rice farmer and paddy field.

Purposes: The objective of this study was to explain the evaluation criteria for rice weeding machine in paddy fields of Iran and present fuzzy sets of identified criteria.

Methodology: The methodology can be divided in to three main parts: the examination of construct validity of instruments, their prioritization, and the relationships of variables. The present study, thus, used survey and analytical of hierarchy process methods. The tools included a researcher- made questionnaire using 5- point paired comparison statement. For the survey, the statistical population included all experts in education and research working in Ministry of Agriculture from which 310 peoples were selected. For AHP, 20 experts were selected by purposive sampling.

Results: The results of factor analysis showed that all criteria were strongly related. The results of analytical of hierarchy process prioritized the criteria as agronomic, technical, economic and environmental. Considering the "agronomic" and "technical" criteria, the experts preferred engine two- and three-row weeder machines, while regarding "agronomic" and "environmental" criteria, hand weeder machines are preferred. It is obvious that income amount and rising costs make the user to give priority to hand machines, whereas under normal conditions, "agronomic" and "technical" criteria are considered.






V-Management, Ergonomics and Systems Engineering