Effect of ultrasound application on strawberry fruits yield


  • heba sabry abdelrhman


This research aimed to use ultrasound at produce of strawberry under NFT hydroponics system in Giza governorate at one successful season (2017) through about 180days. The fresh fruit of strawberry were collected for each month separately on three months harvest. Ultrasound device designed and assembled locally to generate different frequencies, with constant power ≈ 40 W. The ultrasound wave with different frequencies of 20, 30 and 40 kHz, and exposure periods of 0, 60, 300 and 600 sec, and vertical distances of 0 – 30 - 60cm in; also performed an extensive statistical evaluation of the obtained data. The obtained results can showed that the use of ultrasound waves is suitable to improve in plant growth for strawberry in most properties especially when used at exposure period of 60sec, vertical distance zero cm at device and frequency of 20kHz-100dB -40W which gave the increase number of leaves and fruit firmness same control while fruit number, and yield distribution increase compare with control with 20, 36.1%, respectively. The best effect being obtained when the time of exposure is short.

Author Biography

heba sabry abdelrhman







VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering