Development and evaluation of a mechanical carrot washing machine


  • Mohammad Nurul Amin FMP Engineering Division, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute


Benefit cost ratio, carrot, colour, capacity, microbial load


Vegetable production in Bangladesh has increased substantially (3 million tons) and ranked third position in the world. Root vegetable need to be cleaned before transporting from field to market. A base line survey was conducted on vegetables production, sorting, washing, and packaging in four vegetable growing districts such as Narsingdi, Bogura, Jashore, and Pabna district to generate baseline indicators which helped in developing a mechanical device for carrot washing. In all locations, root crops (carrot and radish) were washed manually by farmers to get better price. Manual method is drudgery, time consuming and unhygienic. A batch type carrot washing machine with holding capacity of 120 kg was designed and fabricated with locally available materials at Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Gazipur. It was operated by an electric motor of 2.1 kW. Centrifugal water pump of 1.1 kW was used for water supplying. Washing period ranged from 5 to 7 minutes per batch. Washing and cleaning efficiency of the machine were 98% and 99% respectively. Washing improved the microbiological quality and safety of carrots.  Washing cost of carrot was found to be 0.29 BDT/kg. Payback period and breakeven points of the washing machine were 39 days and 145 h/yr, respectively. Benefit cost ratio of washing was found to be 2.44. The price of the washing machine was BDT 220000.0 (US$2500). Machine saved by 67% cost and 47% time compare to conventional manual carrot washing method. Farmers and traders would be benefited using the vegetable washing machine in custom hire basis.

Author Biography

Mohammad Nurul Amin, FMP Engineering Division, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute

I am Mohammad Nurul Amin, Senior Scientific Officer, Farm Machinery and Postharvest Process Engineering Division, Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute, Gazipur, Bangladesh was born on 3rd May 1967 at Tati Kand village in Munshigonj District. I obtained my Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Engineering in 1991 and Master of Science in Farm Power and Machinery in 1997 from Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh. I obtained PhD degree in Farm Power and Machinery in 2013 from same University. I joined as Scientific Officer in Agricultural Engineering Division of Bangladesh Agricultural Research Institute in 1997. The tenure of service is more than 22 years; I have developed a number of appropriate farm tools and machinery for the farmers of Bangladesh. I have published 20 research papers in different national and international scientific journals. I am a life member of the Institution of Engineers, Bangladesh (IEB).






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