Ergonomic evaluation of battery operated knapsack sprayer


  • Shubham Zilpilwar University
  • RAJVIR YADAV University
  • Ketan Sakariya University
  • Manisha Gahane University


Oxygen consumption rate, energy expenditure rate, rest pause, musculoskeletal problems. Overall discomfort rating, etc.


Spraying is one of the most important operations in crop production to protect the crops from attack of various pest and diseases. Ergonomic intervention in spraying operation can provide a reasonable basis for recommendation on operating methods and improvement in operation for more output and safety. The ergonomic evaluation of the commercially available sprayers such as battery operated, power operated and lever operated knapsack sprayer was carried out on the basis of heart rate, oxygen consumption rate, and energy expenditure rate. The rest pause, work load, musculoskeletal problems and overall discomfort rating in operators was determined. The average heart rate (HR), oxygen consumption rate (VO2) and energy expenditure rate (EER) of the subjects was 97.44 beats min-1, 0.43 lit min-1, 9.02 kJ min-1; 102.66 beats min-1, 0.49 lit min-1, 10.26 kJ min-1  and 111.67 beats min-1, 59 lit min-1, 12.41 kJ min-1, respectively during spraying operation by battery operated, power operated and lever operate knapsack sprayer. Minimum heart rate, oxygen consumption rate, energy expenditure, light to moderate work load and very light overall discomfort occurred in operators body during spraying operation by using battery operated knapsack sprayer and it was less than other two sprayer.

Author Biographies

Shubham Zilpilwar, University

M.Tech Student (Farm Machinery & Power Engineering)

JAU JUnagadh Gujarat 362001 India

RAJVIR YADAV, University

Professor & Head (Farm Engineering)

Ketan Sakariya, University

M Tech student

Junagadh Agricultural University

Junagadh Gujarat 362001 India

Manisha Gahane, University

M Tech Student






V-Management, Ergonomics and Systems Engineering