Situation of livestock insurance in the region of Ghardaia (Algerian Northern Sahara)



Agricultural insurance is one of the important tools that help farmers gain access to appropriate financial services in support of agricultural production and to face some of the involved risks. The present article presents a detailed evaluation of the functioning system of the agricultural insurance system. Assessing the participation of the Algerian Caisse de Mutualité Agricole, in the current rate of agricultural development. This institution of agricultural mutuality, with its national fund and its regional mutuals, is likely to be affected by several changes or even to be surpassed by other companies competing on the insurance market. An analysis was conducted in insurance companies and farmers to probe the reality on the ground and identify alternatives and proposals for well-targeted solutions in relation to the detected deficiencies. The study also found a generally less favorable attitude of the farmers towards agricultural insurance. Emerging from this analysis is a set of nuanced recommendations based on risk structure and environmental property rights.


Agricultural insurance, Participation, Development, Saharan regions, Algeria

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