Effects of Electromagnetic Treatment of Irrigation Water on Growth and Yield of Lagos Spinach (Celosia argentae)

Kamoru Akanni Adeniran, Kola Yusuff Kareem, Karamarudeen Olaniyi Yusuf, Stephen O. Afolayan


The effects of magnetic treatment of irrigation water on growth and yield of potted celosia plants (Celosia argentae) grown inside a screen house were investigated. The study was carried out using Completely Randomised Design replicated five times. Water was allowed to pass through five different flux densities of 719, 443, 319, 124 and 0 Gausses (non – magnetized water). Analysis of selected 25 samples of the magnetic flux density experiment (at 6 WAP) showed that mean stem girth irrigated with ordinary water recorded the highest value of 1.95 mm. Mean leaf area of plants irrigated with magnetic flux density of 719 G had a percentage increase of 24.97 %; mean bulk weight of 172.72 g; biomass weight of 133.48 g; and root weight of 39.24 g, when compared with plants treated with ordinary water (0G), with a bulk weight of 158.08 g; biomass weight of 124.22 g; and root weight of 33.86 g. Analysis of Variance (ANOVA) at a confidence interval of 95% showed that effects of varying magnetic treatments of water on bulk yield, edible weight, root weight, total leaf area and average plant height were significant at P ≤ 0.05. This implies that magnetic technology contributed to the result of the aforementioned growth indices. Effect of magnetic treatment of water on number of leaves was not significant at P ≤ 0.05. Further analysis of results using Duncan New Multiple Range Test (DNMRT) showed that the effects of 719, 443, and 319 Gauss were statistically and significantly different from one another on bulk yield of sampled plants. Memory (residual) effect of irrigation water was also enhanced by magnetic treatment. Magnetic treatment of water also reduced sodium hazard and salinity effect on crop yield. The study shows that magnetic treatment of irrigation water increases crop growth and yield.


Celosia argentae; growth; yield and magnetic treated water

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