Development of a pineapple pomace based extruder

Oduntan Oluwafemi Babatunde, Adeleke Isaac Bamgboye


Mechanisms to support fish food production are constantly evolving with increasing available technologies. However, extruders for fish feed production with pineapple pomace are based on complex operating conditions and present difficulties in confirming design parameters. This paper aims at developing and testing single screw extruder capable of producing fish feed. The design theory of single-screw extruder geometry has led to the construction and discussion of the capabilities of current design technology for the production of fish feed. The main frame is a base that carries the feed unit, the extrusion unit, and the main electric drive motor, and also identifies clear speeds that are suitable for screws that use pineapple pomace based as internal materials. The performance of the extruder is greatly affected by the increase in die size and pomace. This in turn alters the viscosity of the material extruded. The results of this study provide an opportunity to give the extruder design a new level of versatility.


complex operating conditions, construct, design theory, screw, die size.

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