Influence of Extraction Temperature and Moisture content on the Yield and Physicochemical Properties of Hog plum (Spondias mombin) Kernel Oil

Bosede Adelola Orhevba


This study investigated the extraction and characterisation of hog plum seed kernel. Oil was extracted using solvent method; normal hexane was used as solvent for the extraction process. The study was carried out at moisture contents of 8.03, 10.57 and 12%, and at extraction temperatures of 40, 50 and 60̊ C. The physicochemical properties of the oil investigated were density, saponification value, acid value and free fatty acid. The statistical analysis done showed that moisture content and extraction temperature significantly affected the oil yield; the maximum oil yield in this study was found to be 13.42% at moisture content of 12% and extraction temperature of 60oC.  The physicochemical properties of the investigated oils were within the requirements of edible oil quality: saponification value was 192.2mg KOH/g, acid value was 2.80mg KOH/g, free fatty acid was 1.40%w/w, and density was 0.825g/cm3.These result revealed that the seed has potential use as an industrial raw material and food source.


extraction temperature; moisture content; physicochemical properties; oil yield.

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