ugwu kenneth chikwado


Technical investigation on the method and constraints on cashew nuts processing in Enugu state of Nigeria was carried out and a survey made involving the use of questionnaire and personal interview during the field trips. The aim was to technically investigate the difficulties encounter in cashew nuts processing in Enugu State and suggest the means of improving on the difficulties. The manual and mechanical methods of processing cashew nuts were investigated. From the result of the survey, it was found that majority of cashew nuts processors visited processed the nuts by manual means and only few were processing mechanically.  The results showed that most of the machines from the mechanical processors visited were not functional.  The results of the survey showed that averages of 7588.4kg of cashew nuts are harvested in a season and only 1422.43kg of cashew nuts were processed. Therefore, majority of the cashew nuts harvested were either sold or stored for a short period.   Most of the cashew nuts stored by the producers deteriorate because of lack of storage experience. The averages quantity of cashew nuts processed in a season by manual means was 657.05kg, cashew nuts breakages recovered was 13.19kg and that of mechanical method was 705.65kg and the breakages recovered was105.75kg. The analysis of variance (ANOVA) for the effectiveness of shelling between the mechanical and manual method was calculated using the variances from the t-test and it was shown that the calculated F is greater than the tabular F at 5% and 1% probability level. The hypothesis was rejected because the two shelling methods were not equal. This showed that the efficiency and precision of the machines used were very low compared the manual way of processing, therefore, cashew nuts processors should liaise with Government to provide support in terms of provision of credit facilities for the purchase of modern cashew nut processing equipment for improved processing of the products.


Technical, Investigation, Method, Constraints, Cashew Nuts, Processing

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