VIS/NIR spectral signature for the Identification of Peanut Contamination of Powder Foods

Satyabrata Ghosh, Teresa R. Cuadrado Domínguez, Belén Diezma, Lourdes Lleó, Pilar Barreiro, Teresa García Lacarra, Jean-Michel Roger


Visible-Near Infrared reflectance spectra are proposed for the characterization IRMM 481 peanuts in comparison to powder food materials: wheat flour, milk and cocoa. Multidimensional analysis of spectra of powder samples shows a specific NIR band centred at 1200 nm that identifies peanut compared to the rest of food ingredients, regardless compaction level and temperature. Spectral range 400-1000 nm is not robust for identification of blanched peanut. The visible range has shown to be reliable for the identification of pre-treatment and processing of unknown commercial peanut samples. A spectral index is proposed based on the combination of three wavelengths around 1200 nm that is 100% robust against pre-treatment (raw or blanched) and roasting (various temperatures and treatment duration).


Adulterant; Food analysis; Food composition; Food quality; Allergen; PCA; Spectroscopy

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