Economic Parameter of Maize Sheller for Custom Hire Service in Bangladesh


  • Milufarzana Milufarzana Hajje Mohammad Danesh Science and Technology University
  • Anisur Rahman Bangladesh Agricultural University
  • Md. Monjurul Alam Bangladesh Agricultural University
  • Md. Raju Ahmed Sunchon National University


maize sheller operating cost, economic parameter, maize sheller entrepreneur, Bangladesh


The main purpose of the study was to determine the economic parameters for developing a maize sheller custom hire entrepreneur and effective schedules for maize sheller operation. Secondary data from various sources and some essential data were collected from primary sources through survey were used in this study. Operating costs were calculated and project financial profitability was determined by farm financial measurement techniques namely, benefit-cost ratio (BCR) and break even use. The operating cost of maize sheller for shelling was found US$ 3.4 per hour or US$ 1.41 per ton. Based on the operating cost, annual savings for replacement and a profit margin for the entrepreneur, the rent-out charge of the maize sheller is estimated as US$ 8.15 per hour or US$ 3.21 per ton. The benefit-cost ratio of maize sheller is found 2.34, which is highly profitable venture for an entrepreneur. The break-even use for maize sheller is estimated as 670 hours of operation or 1705 ton of maize shelling. 






V-Management, Ergonomics and Systems Engineering