Development and performance simulation of a novel helical manure distributer machine


  • jalil taghizadeh tameh MSc student
  • Ali Jafary full professor
  • hossein mousazadeh Assistants Professor
  • nazilla tarabi MSc student


Auger, Manure, Distribution width, Performance modeling


Organic manures play an important role in improvement of soil fertility, increase of crop yield and quality. Among these, the use of advantages of manures depends on method of spreading. Unsuitable method in spreading manure caused decreased crop production. Therefore in this study, a novel helical manure distributer machine was developed that capable to speared manure with maximum distribution width at different moisture of manure. The machine performance was modeled as well. This machine consisted of two screw conveyors (auger) on the bottom of hopper, grips, two drums, meshing plate and other component. Effect of speed of drum and mass of particle of manure on distribution width were considered. The power requirement of auger was calculated in different rotational speed of auger and three level of manure-manure friction. Drawbar power of machine was evaluated as well. The results showed that maximum distribution width was 14 m for mass of manure. Tractor speed was 5-10 km/hr. and consumed manure rate of 20-60 ton/ha. Volume of hopper was designed 6m3. The maximum value of PTO power requirement and drawbar power obtained was 7.7 hp and 11.45hp respectively.






III-Equipment Engineering for Plant Production