Anti-wear properties of bio-grease from modified palm oil and calcium soap thickener

Sukirno , Ludi , Rizqon Fajar, Bismo , Nasikin



Sukirno1, Ludi1, Rizqon2, Bismo1, Nasikin1


(1. Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Indonesia;  2. Laboratory for Thermodynamics,

Motor and Propulsion BPPT Indonesia, Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Indonesia Depok 16424, Indonesia)


Abstract: An environmental friendly palm-grease has already been formulated using modified palm oil as base oil and calcium 12-hydroxy-stearate as thickener.  Such palm-grease is dedicated for bearing and gear applications in industrial equipment that requires food-grade lubricant, such as in food processing and pharmaceutical machineries.  The grease was manufactured via four steps of processes: saponification in a pressurized reactor, soap dilution by heating, crystallization by cooling, and homogenization.  Additive-free palm-grease using modified RBDPO (Refined Bleached Deodorized Palm Oil) and epoxy RBDPO as the base oil and calcium soap as thickener gave dropping point of 130℃ and consistency NLGI Grade 3.  In the test using 4-ball wear-test, it showed an anti-wear performance that was comparable to that of the commercial food-grade grease, using mineral oil as base oil.  The ability of the palm-grease to provide an anti-wear property was probably due to the presence of epoxy ring -COC-, ester groups -COOC- and hydroxides –OH.


Keywords: Bio-grease, modified RBDPO, consistency, dropping point, anti-wear property


Citation: Sukirno, Ludi, Rizqon, Bismo, Nasikin.  Anti-wear properties of bio-grease from modified palm oil and calcium soap thickener.  Agric Eng Int: CIGR Journal, 2010, 12(2): 64-69.



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