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The publication of research results and the exchange of information is central to any discipline. Agricultural engineers have the opportunity to publish in several journals dedicated to the profession and also in numerous peripheral journals serving other disciplines. As CIGR expands its horizons to more and more countries around the world, it serves the international membership by providing a low cost, widely available journal.

Recent advances in electronic publishing provide a suitable mechanism for widespread dissemination of information. Thousands of journals are now being published electronically and are available on the World Wide Web (WWW). CIGR now has a peer reviewed technical journal operating on the WWW. There is no cost to the user to read or publish manuscripts in this ejournal.

Two categories of papers are published: (1) original scientific and engineering research and (2) invited overviews of broad topics of interest to agricultural engineers.

Agricultural Engineering International: CIGR Journal

CIGR is an international, non-governmental, non-profit organization providing a networking system for regional and national societies of agricultural engineering as well as private and public companies and individuals all over the world.

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International Agricultural Engineering Journal

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