Some Physical Properties of Apple cv. ‘Golab’


  • Elham Meisami-asl
  • Shahin Rafiee
  • Alireza Keyhani
  • Ahmad Tabatabaeefar


Apple is among the popular fruits and of a high economic value. Sorting and grading of apple is needed for the fruit to be presented to local and foreign markets. A study of apple physical properties therefore is imperative. Some physical properties of apples were determined. These properties include: dimensions, mass, volume, surface area, porosity, packaging coefficient and coefficient of static friction. The maximum, average and minimum diameters of apple were 65.04, 53.50 and 35.14 mm respectively. Average volume and mass were 104.5 cm3 and 74.87 g respectively. As for an apple pile, the density and apparent density were respectively calculated as 0.7427 and 0.2401 g/cm3. Maximum, average and minimum porosity of apples were 57.24, 54.13 and 50.17 percent with their sphericity being 1.0028, 0.93 and 0.84 respectively. Average static friction angle of apple on galvanized, glass and plywood surfaces were 20, 26.3 and 26.8 degrees respectively. Average packaging coefficient for the apples studied was 0.45.






VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering