Business Rationale for Investment on Power Operated Maize Sheller in Bangladesh


  • Swapan K Roy
  • Mike Albu
  • Abdur Rob


A study was carried out to investigate the investment of a selected agro-machinery power operated Maize Sheller in the course of mechanization of Bangladesh. The analysis considers different types of Maize Sheller, and inter-regional differences in agro-economic factors that influence the business rationale for investment. Maize Shellers are increasingly needed to serve demand from poultry sector because manual shelling is very laborious. Comparing with manual shelling, results indicate that power operated Maize Shellers look like a wise investment (5 – 8 acres for 25% internal rate of return or IRR). However, it makes economic sense to operate shellers at higher capacities, and along with the high capital cost (Tk1 18,000 – 22,000) to save large numbers of labours to farmers and maize traders. Therefore, power operated Maize Sheller can able to overcome the shortage of expensive labour during peak harvesting season.






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