A Basic Approach to Implement Guided Tractor Control

R. Freimann


Within a continuous development of mobile agricultural machinery the application and further
introduction of electronic controls is offering the fare most potential for working processes
optimization. The article gives an introduction to tractor and implement controls, especially
targeting implement guided tractor control, underlined with two executed examples for this
advanced control design. A structured development model and basic knowledge on safe and
robust control loop set-ups were developed. Potential conflict scenarios within the multi master
control system of driver, tractor, implement and independently pre-planned task control were
identified and solved by arbitrational state strategies. The two exemplarily executed
demonstration examples utilize different control commands to functions and interfaces of the
tractor. One example is an implement guided headland management; the other is a PTO torque
guided tractor speed control. Both automation strategies have been pre-simulated and
implemented introducing ISO 11783 communication protocol. Results from final field tests are
closing the paper.

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