Optimization of shape and direction of the greenhouse using gray wolf algorithm


  • Mohammad Younesi Alamouti
  • Hamid Khafajeh
  • Mohammad Zarein Ph.D of Tarbiat Modares University (T.M.U)


Greenhouse structure is one of the most important factors in the greenhouse industry; increasing energy prices is a major challenge for greenhouse owners. Greenhouses should be so designed that they have high light transmission especially in winter and at the same time satisfy the requirements of the construction cost and the safety against the loads which may be imposed upon them. In this research, the goal is to optimize the shape and direction of the greenhouse to minimize the energy required for heating. The design parameters in this work are determined for two different types of greenhouses with the target functions, with the gray wolf optimization method. Optimization of energy consumption for different models of greenhouse and different materials was performed using gray wolf algorithm. Accordingly, in each case, the best design parameters and greenhouse model were obtained and energy consumption was calculated in summer and winter. At the end of the study, the gray wolf algorithm was compared with the particle swarm algorithm, which indicated that the gray wolf algorithm was powerful.






II-Farm Buildings and Construction