Performance cleaning unit for sesame and clover seeds affecting some physical and mechanical properties


  • Ayat Elsayed zagazig university
  • M. K. Abd EL-Wahab
  • Hanan M. EL-Shal
  • W. E. Abd Allah


Cleaning fine seeds necessitates the use of a specific machine. Studying the physical and engineering features of seeds is critical for determining cleaning machine design and development parameters. In this study, some parameters affecting sesame and clover seed cleaning machines were selected. Feeding rate, machine efficiency, and purity are all affected by screen title angles, hole diameters, and sieve oscillation. The optimum performance was at sieve oscillation of 160 rpm, screen tilt angle of 3 degrees and round shaped screen 3 mm at 12% moisture content feeding rates were 50 and 50.94 , machine efficiency were 95.07 and 95.2% and purity were 99.78 and 99.78% for sesame and clover seeds, respectively.






VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering