Development and Quality Evaluation of Papaya Jam with Blended Carrot



The study was undertaken with the objective of evaluating jam with enhanced nutritional properties and acceptable sensory attributes. The proximate composition of formulated jam samples was ranged from 31.40 to 30.34% for moisture, 0.41 to 0.22% for ash, 0.92 to 0.69% for protein, 0.35 to 0.31% for fat, 0.96 to 0.76% for fiber and 67.48 to 66.34% for carbohydrate. The antioxidant activity was found in sample A (40.9), B (39.65) and C (25.7) % and the total phenolic content of different formulated jam vary from 6.58802 to 2.239 mg GAE/100gm. The physicochemical characteristics of the jam sample were evaluated after the aqueous extract of carrot with papaya juice was turned into jam. The jam was developed by using Carica papaya and carrot in different ratios they were A= “(50:50)”, B= “(25:75)” and C= “(75: 25)”. The raw sample and the jam thus prepared was analyzed for physio-chemical properties and the jam were also evaluated sensorily on a hedonic scale of 9 point. The overall acceptability of the formulated jam sample were A= (7.5), B= (7.2) and C= (7.4). The results suggest that the papaya jam (A) with blended carrot may be an acceptable jam for consumers.

Author Biography

Ashish Kumar Das, Jessore University of Science and Technology, Jessore, Bangladesh

Lecturer, Department of Agro Product Processing Technology, Jessore University of Science and Technology, Jessore, Bangladesh






VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering