Automation Implementation in A Small Ornamental Plant Nursery Farm


  • Dian Yulianto Mahidol University
  • Soranat Raibhu Mahidol University


Automation was implemented to a small-scaled ornamental plant nursery farm primarily to tackle the problems of increasing labor cost and turnover. The implementation of automation came with issues different from that in the large-scale farming. A framework formulated from various approaches was applied as the guideline for specialists to work effectively together with the owner and workers in the implementation. Improvements were made to most activities in the nursery process. Automatic systems, which were simple, economic, and easy to adapt, were then applied to the irrigating and the replanting operations. The labor time for the original production capacity was reduced by 66%. Other improvements including transportation, production capacity, working condition, and land utilization were also realized. The improved replanting cycle time and land utilization led to 47% increase in the production capacity. Works in certain operations became more relaxing and less fatigued. The details of implementation were discussed and the critical issues were addressed.

Author Biography

Soranat Raibhu, Mahidol University

Assistant Professor at Department of Industrial Engineering Mahidol University






III-Equipment Engineering for Plant Production