Scrutinization of overall energy efficiency of machinery in plowing process


  • Seyed Mojtaba Shafaei
  • Mohammad Loghavi
  • Saadat Kamgar


This work was dedicated to describe overall energy efficiency of machinery in plowing process as affected by some operational variables of plowing depth (10-30 cm) and forward speed (2-6 km/h). To achieve this aim, field trials in clay loam soil in southern region of Iran were performed by means of disk plow implement and front wheel assist tractor. The effects of the operational variables on the efficiency were examined. General two-variable linear and quadratic equations were fitted to obtained field data in order to model the efficiency with respect to plowing depth and forward speed. The results demonstrated that the individual effect of plowing depth on the efficiency was more dominant (1.2 times) than that of forward speed. Meanwhile, the compounded effect of plowing depth and forward speed on the efficiency was prevailed (4 and 3.2 times) than that of the individual effect of forward speed and plowing depth, respectively. The satisfactory results drawn from fitness of the quadratic equation on data rather than the linear equation manifested nonlinear increasing variations of overall energy efficiency as influenced by augmentation of plowing depth and forward speed. The condensed analytical information in conjunction with modeling results disseminate knowledge in usable and useful form to farmers, associated policy division, and stakeholders.

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Seyed Mojtaba Shafaei

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III-Equipment Engineering for Plant Production