Anthropometry and strength parameterization of lower limb disabled individuals pertinent to agricultural and allied sector applications


  • SMRUTILIPI HOTA Research Scholar IIT Kharagpur
  • V.K. Tewari Professor
  • Gajendra Singh Research Scholar


Anthropometry, lower limb disability, workplace, agricultural machinery, hand reach envelope


Limited anthropometric and strength data availability pertinent to lower limb disabled individuals (DI) restricts agricultural and allied sector application developments. In such pursuit, anthropometric and strength data pertinent to lower limb disabled individuals (DI) from the state of West Bengal (India) was acquired and analyzed. A total of 44 body dimensions and 8 strength parameters of such forty individuals were collected in sitting posture. Mean body weight and height of selected subjects were 52±13 kg (Mean±standard deviation) and 779±39 mm, respectively. Anthropometric parametrization identified twenty-nine body dimensions and four strength parameters to significantly correlate to other body dimensions (Pearson’s correlation [r]: ±0.31-0.52, p<0.01). Overall, thirty-three body dimensions were found deterministic for estimating 44 body dimensions through simple (SLR) and multilinear regression (MLR) analysis (Determination coefficient [R2]: 0.37-0.72), thereby minimizing the need for ergonomic efforts for data acquisition. Body dimension magnitudes of DI were significantly (p<0.01) lower than the abled individuals (AI) and had a higher variability possibly due to the extent of disability (2-27%). Inclusion of disabled individuals’ anthropometry could help develop suitable equipment and workplace for them in small scale systems for livelihood, especially in developing countries. A general workplace design for agricultural tractor and self-propelled machinery was also attempted in the study and limitations for control levers and recommendations are documented. The hand reach envelope developed for lower limb disabled individual identified the region to be enclosed within 372-499 mm horizontal and 212-499 mm vertical from seat reference point (SRP).

Author Biographies

SMRUTILIPI HOTA, Research Scholar IIT Kharagpur

Research Scholar

Agricultural and Food Engineering Department

IIT Kharagpur

V.K. Tewari, Professor

Agricultural and Food Engineering Department

IIT Kharagpur

Gajendra Singh, Research Scholar

Agricultural and Food Engineering Department

IIT Kharagpur






V-Management, Ergonomics and Systems Engineering