Effect of Drying Temperatures and milling times on the quality of hot pepper powder


  • Hauwa Dauda Adamu Kano University of Science and Technology, Wudil


Hot pepper, Quality, Milling, Temperatures.


Quality characteristics of Hot pepper powder in relation to drying temperatures and milling regimes was determined using hot air oven at temperatures (80,85,90 and 95 oC) and milled using attrition mill for (5 and 10 minutes) the quality parameter determined are Particle size distribution using sieve method, bulk density(pack and loose method), colour using spectrophotometry and CIELab method, pungency using spectrophotometric method, Reconstitution index using and sensory attributes using Seven Hedonic scale, the percentage particle size distribution 1.40mm aperture size ranged from 1.39-0.31 and for 0.425 mm size ranges from 2.55-36, 0.210mm size ranges from 50.25-79.87, 0.150 size ranges from 2-27 and for 0.090 ranges from 0.016-9.8, pack bulk density (gm-3) of hot pepper powder dried and milled ranged from; 0.62 - 0.57 for (80 oC:5 minutes and 95 oC:5 minutes) and 0.58, 0.52 (80 oC:10 minutes and 95 oC:10 minutes). The loose bulk density (gm-3) ranged from; 0.45- 0.44 for (80 oC:5 minutes and 90 oC:5 minutes), and; 0.49- 0.39, (90 oC:10 minutes and 85 oC :10 minutes). The Chemical or extractable colour content in ASTA unit the colour ranged from; 2594.90 (80 oC:10 minutes) to 2357.83 90cºC:5 minutes); visual colour or the surface colour ranged from; L* for brightness; 13.56 (90 oC:5 minutes) to 23.43, 95 oC:10 minutes. a* for redness; 17.45, to 36.80, (80 oC:10 minutes and 85 oC:5 minutes. Respectively. b* for yellowness; 21.53, 80 oC:5 minutes to 61.36, 85 oC:5 minutes; The pungency(capsaicin) content (SHU)of hot pepper powder ranged from 32595, 85 oC :5minutes; 40745, 90 oC :10minutes; reconstitution index ranged from 7.00 for 85 °C:5 minute to 9.40 for 95°C: 10 minutes of the hot pepper, hot pepper dried at 90 and milled for 5 minutes was generally accepted.

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Hauwa Dauda Adamu, Kano University of Science and Technology, Wudil

Department of Food Science and Technology






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