Effects of tillage direction on sediment yield in Chanchaga Basins



Tillage erosion, Rainfall, Contour line ridges, Polynomial regression, Cover Crops, ANCOVA, Runoff, Sediment yield


There is no study on the effect of tillage erosion in the region. Runoff plots (24) were constructed on a similar slope. Now sedimentation tanks were incorporated into runoff measurement using catch-pits to collect coarse and suspended sediment. Quadratic model fits sediment and rainfall, while the exponential model fits runoff and sediment yield. The effect of tillage without a crop was highest on sediment yield. Slope gradients have an effect on sediment deposition in Shatta basin because of the convex and concave landscape. While concave landscape makes the slope gradient to have a none effect on sediment yield in Koropa basin. Ridge made parallel to the slope has a high effect on sediment yield. The study concluded that tillage parallel to the slope has a severe high impact on sediment yield. It causes inter-rill erosion, flooding, river and dam’s siltation. It affects the water environment.

Author Biography

Ibrahim Abayomi Kuti, Federal University of Technology , Minna

Department of Agricultural& Bioresources; Assistant Lecturer






I-Land and Water Engineering