Kinetic modeling of quality changes of tomato during storage

Mai AL-Dairi, Pankaj B Pathare


Quality deterioration in tomato along the supply chain due to postharvest losses has become a continual challenge in Middle East countries. The aim of this study is to determine the changes in tomato quality parameters during storage. Fresh tomatoes were purchased from the Central Market of Fruits and Vegetables and stored at 10oC and 22oC for 12 days to assess color, weight loss, firmness and TSS parameters. Statistical analysis like (R2, X2, SE and RMSE) and ANOVA were performed using SPSS software. Experimental results showed a high significant impact (p < 0.05) in tomato quality parameters such as color, firmness and weight loss stored at 22oC. Storage at 22oC had a rapid alteration of a* and L* parameters to the darker region.  A slow increase on weight loss, a*, CI, COL and ∆E were observed with less decrease on L* and firmness during the exposure to 10°C storage. The appropriate model to demonstrate the color change was the first-order model. However, firmness was described by the zero-order model. Zero-order and first-order models used to describe quality changes during storage. Overall, tomato stored at 10°C provided a desired results of firmness, weight loss and color change compared to tomato stored at 22°C.


Color; Firmness; Kinetic model; Quality; Tomato

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