Evaluation of innovative cultivation methods, on potato Burren cultivar


  • salih kadhim Alwan Tehran University


potato, tractor (type New Holland–TD80), cultivation distances machine(type Adwhit ), mechanical properties, depth,


The study aimed to identify the effect of cultivation machine on potato Burren variety, specification under CMBGR  and CMBRO at different distances and ranges of cultivation depths .Two types of potato cultivation  methods (CMBGR and CMBRO) were tested under two cultivation distances(25 and 30 cm) and three levels of cultivation depths (8, 10 and 12 cm). The experiments were conducted in a factorial experiment under a randomized complete block design with three replications ,The CMBGR was significantly better than CMBRO in all studied parameters .For CMBGR the fuel consumption, machine productivity,machine efficiency, germination percentage ,root density and distributed in soil for vegetative growth stage , root density and distributed in soil for tubers formation stage, tubers number and one plant productivity were 9.870 l.ha-1, 869.902 kg.ha-1, 82.636%; 89.374%; 0.46Mg.cm-3; 0.80Mg.cm-3 , 7.59 tuber .plant-1 and 1005.99 g.plant-1 respectively. The cultivation distance 30 cm was significantly superior to the other level of 25 cm in all studied parameters, while the cultivation depth at range of 8 cm was significantly superior to the other ranges of 10 and 12 cm in all parameters.

Author Biography

salih kadhim Alwan, Tehran University

Department of Machinery Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Tehran University






III-Equipment Engineering for Plant Production