Effect of Tannase (Aspergillus ficcum) on physicochemical properties of clarified Jamun juice

Payel Ghosh, Nikhil Swaraj, Rama Chandra Pradhan


Indian black berry known as Jamun is a minor fruit which contains high amount of tannin. Extraction and clarification of juice is quite difficult due to its pulp nature. Tannase a membrane bound enzyme is added to clarify the Jamun juice which helps to obtain high yield. The target area of the work is to build up the procedure for streamlining of process factor to obtain Jamun juice utilizing Tannase (strain: Aspergillus ficcum). Physicochemical parameters (clarity, colour change, polyphenol, turbidity, protein, TSS and yield) are analyzed at a temperature range between (30 – 50oC), with (0.01 – 0.1 % w/v) concentration and time orbit of (40-120 min). Significant differences in the response characteristics were measured using coefficient of determination (R2) value, resulted (R2) > 0.9. Clarified juice obtained at 0.05% enzyme concentration at 40oC for 80 minutes.


Jamun (Indian black berry); Enzymatic extraction; Tannase: Aspergillus ficcum; Box-Behnken design; Optimization

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