Effect of moisture content on soybean properties: comparative study of varieties

Rabi Kabir Ahmad, Nalado Dauda Dangora, Hajara Kabir Ahmad


Interest and research work on soybean has been brought back into action due to its increasing demand as a cash crop and as the cheapest source of protein. Its production and processing can only be achieved and maximize with the help of agricultural equipment for handling, transporting, processing and storage of soybean seeds. The design-related physical properties of soybean seeds for two varieties TGX 1448-2E and TGX 1835-10E in terms of moisture content at an array of 10.21-18.37 (% d.b) were determined. Standard methods were employed in the experimental study and the results of the properties were found to be dependent on moisture content. For the angle of repose and static friction coefficient, the values were found to increase in descending order of plywood, glass and steel surfaces for both the varieties. The statistical test shows that the varietal difference and moisture level significantly affect all the properties.


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