Effect of modified atmospheric conditions to soybean seeds under hermetically sealed large capacity storage

Champathi Chaminda Gunathilake


This study was carried out to evaluate the effect of modified atmospheric conditions (MAC) created in large capacity hermetically sealed soybean storage in comparison to ambient warehouse soybean storage. Change of physiochemical properties of soybean such as hardness, 1000 seed mass, bulk density, color, moisture content (MC) under sealed hermetic condition was evaluated. As well, change of biological condition such as germination percentage (GMP) and change of nutritive property such as protein content (PC) of soybean stored under MAC (sealed hermetic condition) were evaluated. Similarly change of those all physiochemical, biological and nutritive properties under ambient warehouse conditions were evaluated and these values were compared with their initial values after 8 months’ storage. All above mention soybean properties were measured initially and after 8 months’ storage under both storage conditions. Complete Randomized Design (CRD) was used as an experiment designed and Duncan Multiple Range Test (DMRT) was adopted to separate means of treatments. Results revealed that hardness, bulk density, 1000 seed mass and GMP were changed significantly under both storage condition in comparison to their initial values. MC and b color values of the soybean stored under ambient warehouse condition was changed significantly comparisons to its initial value and MAC storage however, MC of soybean stored under MAC was not changed significantly. PC, L and a color values were not change significantly under both storage conditions. Hardness and GMP significantly reduced under MAC in comparison to warehouse storage. As well, 1000 seed mass & b color value significantly reduced under ambient warehouse storage condition in comparison to MAC storage. Soybean weight losses and color losses can be prevented by MAC in comparison to ambient warehouse storage. Quality and out appearance of soybean seed can be maintained throughout storage period under hermetically sealed MAC storage however, germination ability of soybean seed significantly reduced under MAC.


Modified atmospheric storage, hermetically sealed, soybean properties

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