Progress in Research into Ammonia and Greenhouse Gas Emissions from Animal Production Facilities

Soeren Pedersen, Gert-Jan Monteny, Hongwei Xin, Hisamitsu Takai


On 1-4 June 2003, the Danish Institute of Agricultural Sciences (DIAS) hosted the International
Symposium on Gaseous and Odour Emissions from Animal Production Facilities. This symposium
can be considered a follow-up of the first special symposium on gaseous and odour emissions,
held in 1997 in Vinkeloord, the Netherlands (Voermans and Monteny, 1997). The organizers
of the 2003 symposium were Section II (Buildings) of the Commission International du Genie
Rurale (CIGR), the European Association of Agricultural Engineers (EurAgEng), and the Nordic
Association of Agricultural Scientists (NJF). A total of 93 participants from 22 nations got together
to share the latest advancement in research and development into the important issues of
gaseous emissions from animal production facilities, including odour. They presented 40 papers
and 22 posters on various issues concerning gaseous emissions from animal production facilities.
This paper describes the major progress in the field of ammonia, methane and nitrous oxide emissions
from livestock production. Statements, data and findings are referred to between parentheses
(author – page number of the symposium proceedings).

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