Odor Pollution in the Environment and the Detection Instrumentation

Arief S Yuwono, Peter S Lammers


Odor or malodor, which refers to unpleasant smells, is nowadays considered an important
environmental pollution issue. Odor pollution abatement has involved a number of bodies.
A comprehensive description of pollution abatement and the development of the
accompanying instrumentation technology are therefore critical links to understand the
whole dimension of odor pollution in the environment. In this paper, odor pollution in the
environment will be reviewed, including its sources and dispersion, the physical and
chemical properties of odor, odor emission regulations in selected countries, odor control
technologies as well as the state-of-the-art instrumentation and technology that are
necessary to monitor odor, e.g., chemical sensors, olfactometry, gas chromatography, and
electronic noses.

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