Possibilities to Reduce Manufacturing and Management Costs of Tractors and Agricultural Equipment

Hans-Heinrich Harms


Simultaneous (or concurrent) Engineering, is a concept which should be normal nowadays.
Then, without early and simultaneous involvement of all departments, specialists, special
suppliers and potential external consultants, you are no longer able to develop these ever more
complex agricultural machines. In that case „simultaneous“ means to be faster on the market,
because all manufacturers can contribute their expertise earlier, and also have the opportunity
to use the expertise of the various specialists as early as possible. Thus, the product quality
and the market use is improved simultaneously. By the product accompanying calculation the
economic parameters are available on time too. In former times and up to now with small
machines, you could afford to have them designed and looked after by one specialist.
Nowadays this is no longer feasible due to the fact that machines became too complex. For the
various conditions in different markets it is important to cooperate with a very high flexibility
in the field of design, production, purchasing, controlling and at least in the sales field.

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