Water Regulation in Tidal Peatland Agriculture using Wetland Water Level Control Simulator

Satyanto K Saptomo, Budi I Setiawan, Yoshisuke Nakano


The study has the main objective to develop an environmentally sound water management to be applied
in peat land agriculture. The output of this study is water level controller software that incorporates fuzzy
controller with taking into account the soil physical properties of peat soil under consideration and its
hydrological conditions. This paper presents the simulation part of the study which is used to find the
optimum design of the land. The simulation incorporates two dimensional equation of water flow in
saturated soil and tidal fluctuation as natural disturbance. This simulator can be used as a tool for
obtaining appropriate size of specific peat land agriculture within the capability of water management
when the control system is to be applied. Hopefully, this system can be used as a valuable assistance in
designing an agricultural plot converted from peat land and enables the determination of operation cost of
water management in a field scale.

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