Mechanical damage for local design machine on maize cultivars of CA and GO


  • salih kadhim Alwan Tehran University


The effect of  rotational speed in shelling machine (LMS type) on maize cultivars of Cadiz (CA) and Golden (GO) were tested during shelling at three rotational speed of 300,400 and 500rpm . The experiments were carried out in a factorial experiment under complete randomized design with three replications. The results showed that the CA cultivar was significantly better than the GO in all studied conditions. The results showed a shelling productivity of 1.354 and 1.303 t\h, power consumption of 8.725 and 9.174 kW, shelling efficiency of 84.857% and 82.857%, unshelled grains of 1.260 and1.509% ,loose grains at kernel outlet of 1.444 and 1.612 %, grains damage of 1.546 and 1.805% and grain cleanliness of 90.828 and 90.148 % broken maize  of 3.777 % and 4.335 % and cracked grain percentage of 2.674 % and 3.066 %, for CA and GO, respectively. The rotational speed of 300 was significantly superior to the levels of 400 and 500 rpm in all studied conditions.

Author Biography

salih kadhim Alwan, Tehran University

Department of Machinery Agriculture, Faculty of Agriculture, Tehran University






VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering