The Role of Information and Communication Technology in Poultry Broiler Production Process Control

Patrick Jackman, Hector Penya, Robert Ross


Broiler production is arguably one of the most challenging food supply industries in the world due to the large number of animals that are reared on a given site, and the competitive nature of the sector. These factors taken together mean that every opportunity to optimise the production process must be considered to boost bird weight gain while at the same time reducing resource investment and risk of major incidents. As a result of this, the last decade has seen the introduction of Precision Livestock Farming techniques to the broiler production industry.

In this paper we review the emergence and trends in Precision Livestock Farming in the broiler production industry by examining both in-market and laboratory based advances for this sector. The review spans three tiers of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) that together form the basis for an integrated precision farming solution for poultry. These three tiers are Sensor Technology; Data Collection and Integration Frameworks, and Data Analysis and Processing. We review work in each of these tiers in the context of intensive poultry farming.

In addition to examining the trends seen in the broiler production industry, we also examine a number of prominent directions in related agri-food domains so as to gain a better insight into where we expect Precision Farming for broiler production industry to move over the next 10 years.


Poultry, Broiler, Automatic Control Systems, Machine Learning, Sensors, Predictive Modelling

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