Studies on Machine-Crop Parameters of an Axial Flow Thresher for Threshing Soybean

A. Vejasit, V. M Salokhe


To study the effect of machine-crop variables on the performance, a threshing unit was fabricated and
tested. The same threshing unit will be used for the proposed axial flow soybean combine harvester. A pegtooth
drum was used for the study. Four levels of drum speeds, three levels of feed rates and three levels of
soybean moisture contents were studied. Test results indicated that the threshing efficiency varied from 98 to
100%. The grain damage and grain loss were less than 1 and 1.5% respectively at drum speeds of 600 to 700
rpm and 540 to 720 kg (plant)/h feed rates and at 14.34 to 22.77% (w.b.) seed moisture contents. The
maximum power requirement was 2.29 kW at grain moisture content of 32.88% (w.b.) at a drum speed of 700
rpm. The best combination of feed rate, drum speed at 14.34% (w.b.) seed moisture content to obtain higher
output capacity, threshing efficiency, lower grain damage and grain losses was 600 to 700 rpm drum speed
(13.2 to 15.4 m/s) at a feed rate of 720 kg (plant)/h.

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