Economic of cubical and semi-spherical shape stacked protected farms for marginal farmers


  • Amaresh Sarkar
  • Mrinmoy Majumder


Protected agriculture, Judicious irrigation water use, Marginal land holders, Low–tech watering


As the populating is increasing, the average land holding capacity is shrinking. Larger machineries are uneconomical in small and marginal lands. An attempt has been made in this paper for review of gravity drip irrigation system in a 3-layered stacked protected farm with. Gravity drip irrigation is a low tech and cheap irrigation system to provide water judiciously in protected farms for growing vegetable under limited land availability. The system does not require any external power for operation. The approximate construction cost of a 3-layered stacked protected farm of 6m height on land 10m length and 10m width is $ 2700. The average crops yield from a three-layer sacks protected farm on 10m x 10m area for spinach, tomato, pepper, cucumber and potato are 0.35, 1.55, 1.35, 1 and 1.5 ton respectively.






I-Land and Water Engineering