Use of Isotropic Stress State Framework to Evaluate the Effect of Suction on Some Mechanical Parameters of Sainte-Rosalie Clay Submitted to Confined Compression

Robert M Eko


This paper reports experimental data gathered while performing isotropic tests on a heavy
agricultural clay soil from Quebec province (Eastern Canada). Tests performed were onedimensional
compression, isotropic compression, and K0. Tests on saturated soil samples were
performed using conventional procedures; tests on unsaturated samples were performed after the
desired suction was applied to the samples. Samples used in all the tests were processed at the same
suction before the selected suction was applied. For the one-dimensional compression tests, the
chosen suction was applied by moistening or drying while the axis translation method was used for
applying suction to soil samples in isotropic compression and K0 tests.
Results show that soil plastic and elastic parameters are suction dependant. In addition, strength of
Sainte-Rosalie clay measured under different suctions in K0 tests quantified the significant strength
gain observed in the field when this material evolves from wet to dry conditions.

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