The Effects of Natural Ventilation Air Exchange on Psychrometric Results in Poultry Houses in Hot Environment---Design Characteristics

S. Mutaf, S. Alkan, N. Seber


The present study was carried out in order to investigate the effect of summer and
winter natural ventilation air exchange on psychrometric results in closed and open type
poultry houses and the possibility of increasing its efficiency.
This research had been conducted in three poultry houses located at different altitude
that had different dimensions, construction and insulation levels. Inside and outside air
temperature and relative humidity measured by sensors and averages were calculated for 2
hourly periods in 24 hours in summer and winter season.
The data obtained from the experiments indicated a significant relationship between
the efficiency of ventilation and structural dimensions. The necessary summer ventilation rate
was calculated as 4.5 m3 h-1 kg-1 body mass and the inside and outside dry-bulb temperature
difference was accepted as 2 oC.
The natural ventilation design characteristics and structural dimensions necessary to
increase the efficiency of natural ventilation system in poultry houses should be with the roof
slope not less then 20o–30o , the ridge provided with continuous capped ventilation opening,
the proportion of the effective outlet area to effective inlet area (A2/A1) at least 1/2 or 1/3, the
ridge height of the building not less then 4-5 m and the building width not exceed 12 meters.

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