Comparative between different parameters under automate drip irrigation for cucumber


  • Yosria Kamal Khattab Agriculture engineering Institute


Laser, sensor, water, leaves, automate, irrigation, wavelength, cucumber


Abstract: Automate drip irrigation in greenhouse was conducted at Elhssen Agriculture Authriuts, Giza governorate, Egypt. The aim of this researcher is to use the new Laser Leaf Control Unit (LLCU) as a tool to operate the automate drip irrigation system in greenhouse. Comparative study between Laser Beam Transmit (LBT) build in the (LLCU), different temperature (dt) and Soil Moisture Content (SMC) were carried for irrigated cucumber. Three instruments used; 1) Laser Leaf Control Unit (LLCU); 2) Infrared Thermometer (IR) used to measure canopy temperature around plant leaf (Tc) and air temperature (Ta) to estimate dtc °C; 3) Soil Moisture Meter (SMM) to measure Soil Moisture Content (SMC). The result exhibited that there is a relationship between the LBT, dt and SMC, and has the same trend of behavior. The maximum value of LBT was 90 mV. When the maximum of dt was +4.3 °C, on the same time the SMC was 12.5%. Also, the minimum value of LBT was 65 mV with the value of dt was -2.5 °C and SMC was 16% respectively. The values of LBT ranged from 65 to 90 mV, while the values of dt ranged from -2.5 to 4.3°C, with the values of SMC ranged from 12 to 16%.






I-Land and Water Engineering