Drying behaviour and engineering properties of Lima beans



Seeds, drying rate, density


In this present research communication, selected engineering properties of lima beans and drying behaviour of beans using different dryers were studied. The results for geometric mean diameter and sphericity were found as 8.82 and 0.66. Bulk, tap and true densities were found as 568.1 kg/m3,625.8 kg/m3 and 769 kg/m 3 respectively. Arithmetic mean diameter, equivalent mean diameter and square mean diameter values were found to be 4.84 mm, 24.89 mm and 8.08 mm. Values for static coefficient of friction was highest on plywood surface followed by mild sheet and stainless steel. Ash content, crude fat and fiber content was found as 3.85%, 20.11% and 4.23 for lima beans. The drying behaviour of beans at three temperatures 40 oC,60 oC and 80oC at constant air velocity of 3 m/s was investigation using tray, recirculatory tray and vacuum dryer. The effect of drying air temperature on drying time was significant and drying at 80oC in recirculatory dryer showed satisfactory results.

Author Biographies

ASHISH M MOHITE, Amity University , Noida, U.P, India

Amity Institute of Food Technology,

Assistant Professor

Neha Sharma, Amity University,India

Amity Institute of Food Technology,

Assistant Professor






VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering