Energy input-output analysis and mechanization status estimation for greenhouse vegetable production in Biskra province (Algeria)


  • Ahmed NOURANI
  • Abdelaali BENCHEIKH


protected vegetable – greenhouse – input-output analysis – mechanization- Biskra.


Algeria has experienced a notable agricultural development driven by a prosperous in market gardening in plastic greenhouses due of the favorable climatic conditions and the government’s policy. A survey has been conducted in Biskra province, southern of Algeria in order to determine input-output energy used and to estimate the mechanization status for the greenhouse vegetable production. The results revealed that the total energy required for vegetable protected production was 119.68 GJ per hectare where the infrastructure was the highest energy consumer followed by the electricity and fertilizers with a share of 22%, 20% and 19%, respectively. The energy use efficiency (energy ratio) was calculated as 0.82, showing the inefficiency use of energy in the protected vegetable production. The entire farmers use least machinery labor energy in hectare compared to the human energy labor as well asthe itinerary crop was similar for all greenhouses visited.






IV-Energy in Agriculture