Sustainability evaluation of agricultural greenhouse structures in southern of Algeria using AHP, case of study: Biskra province

Abdelaali Bencheikh, Ahmed Nourani, Mohamed Nacer Chabaca


The protected cultivation of vegetables has considerably developed in southern ofAlgeria.  However, the sustainability of this system has not been evaluated.  The aim of this study is to find a greenhouse structure (Tunnel or Canarian) that promotes the agriculture sustainability in Biskra province using analytic hierarchy process (AHP).  In that event, a survey was conducted in this region where nine criteria were selected according to the local conditions.  The results obtained revealed that the farmer and the agricultural specialists shared the same vision regarding the weight of economic indicators with 74% and 66%, respectively.  The AHP analysis provided that the Canarian greenhouse (CG) presented the ideal structure.  This work might also help the decision makers and the researchers to implement a sustainable development policy.  


agricultural greenhouse, sustainability, AHP, Canarian greenhouse, Tunnel greenhouse

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