Effects of some kernel factors on palm kernel oil extraction using a screw press

Sunday Louis Ezeoha


Several factors are known to affect mechanical oil expression from oilseeds. In this study, the influence of kernel moisture content (KMC), kernel heating temperature (KHT), kernel heating duration (KHD) and kernel particle size (KPS) on palm kernel oil (PKO) yield by a mixed variety of oil-palm kernels using a locally fabricated screw press was investigated. The one-factor-at-a-time (OFAT) experimental approach was employed. Design-Expert 8P (Version 8.0.6) software was used for statistical analysis of data. Within the range of values of variables studied, the results showed that at 5% significance level only kernel size significantly affected PKO yield. Thus, KPS is a critical factor in PKO extraction using the screw press. Oil-palm kernels should not be crushed when using a screw press designed for whole kernels, because, doing so will most likely result to poor oil yield.


Kernel factors, palm kernel oil, screw press, effects, oil-palm, oil extraction

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