Mechanization of dairy farming in Bangladesh

Ashish Kumar Das, Chayan Kumer Saha, Md. Monjurul Alam


The mechanization status of dairy farming in Bangladesh is not mentionable. In every steps of the farming operation, indigenous systems have been practiced in most of the farms. This study has been conducted to assess mechanization status in dairy farming. The selected areas of this study were Bangladesh Agricultural University (BAU) dairy farm, Mymensingh, Rural Development Academy (RDA) dairy farm, Bogra and four small, four medium and two large farms in Sirajganj district. Most mechanized RDA dairy farm and rest of the non-mechanized farms were selected for this study. The field survey was conducted by interviewing identified sample respondents with pre-determined interview schedules to cover all selected locations. Most of the farms have no specific designed farm building with specific space per animal, feeding alley, manger, gutter and drainage system, ventilation system. Even the manure management system in study area was very poor. A biogas plant can utilize manure properly. Milking machine and chopper machine were only found in BAU and RDA dairy farms. Spacing per animal for dairy cow was 3.65 m2, for pregnant cow was 9.30 m2, for dry cow or heifer was 1.37 m2, and for calf was 1.31 m2 respectively. Mangers in a pen barn were about 0.5-1.25 m wide and 0.5-1 m depth which varies for dairy cow, heifer, calf, and bull individually. All farms in study areas found natural ventilation system. Concentrates require per day for dairy cow, dry cow, heifer, bull calf, cow calf and mature bull were 3.4, 2.2, 1.2, 0.5, 1.01 and 5.2 kg respectively. The amount of maize for bull is 2.4 kg, for dairy cow is 1.4 kg and lowest amount for bull calf is 140 g per head. Due to lack of knowledge and unfamiliarity farmers do not accept machinery like milking machine, chopper machine etc. Installation of partial mechanization can contribute to convert indigenous into modernization with gross productivity of dairy farming systems in Bangladesh.


mechanization, dairy farm, waste disposal, ventilation, manger, gutter

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