Fuel consumption models of MF285 tractor under various field conditions


  • Salim Almaliki
  • Reza Alimardani
  • Mahmoud Omid


fuel consumption, Massey Ferguson (MF285), modelling, data logging system


Due to the ascending importance of energy in the world, prediction and optimization of Fuel Consumption (FC) in agricultural tasks is merit to consideration. In this study a Massey Ferguson (MF285) tractor was implemented with a low cost and precise data acquisition system as a means to record and monitor the affectual parameters on FC such as forward speed and instant fuel flow rate during field operation. Field experiments were carried out in the experimental farm of Agricultural Engineering Department of Tehran University, Karaj province, Iran, which had loamy soil texture. A mouldboard plow was used as tillage toll during the experiments at various tillage depths, engine speeds, forward speeds, tire inflation pressures, moisture contents and cone indexes. Acquired data were used to elicit an accurate model for Temporal, Area-specific and Specific Fuel Consumption (TFC, AFC and SFC). Results showed considerable effect of all measured parameters on TFC, AFC and SFC. For instance the TFC, AFC and SFC decreased by 11%, 13% and 56% respectively when the cone index increased from 105 to 1161 kPa. And also augmenting tillage depth from 10 to 20 cm led to 44% increase of TFC while SFC decreased by 164% oppositely. AFC rate was 1.1 liter per cm of tillage depth. Increasing the engine speed from 1200 to 2000 r/min led to increase of TFC, AFC and SFC by 56%, 71% and 46%, respectively. The forward speed was the most influential parameter on TFC, AFC and SFC while the moisture content and tire inflation pressure effects were minor. Models validation was acceptable and the fuel consumption rate could be predicted with accuracy of about 95%.






IV-Energy in Agriculture