Application of Mindstorms sensors in monitoring the fruit ripening process

Rade Grujicic, Marina Mijanovic Markus, Branko Andjic


In the present study, investigations were conducted to analyse the possibility of using the Lego Mindstorms light and color sensors in agriculture. The appropriate design was made which consisting of these sensors and control units that provided the information on measured values. The changes in color of tomato fruit (Lycopersicon esculentum Mill.) during maturation process were registered by using the appropriate color and light sensors with the analysis of the possibility of monitoring fruit ripening process and registration of any pathological changes of color. The values measured by sensors are presented in a graphical form, providing an analogy between the results given by Lego Mindstorms color sensor and Lego Mindstorms light sensor. The reliability of sensor readings was analysed by consideration of width of range of the results, from the beginning to the end of the maturation process and comparation with results of the other studies.


agriculture, color sensor, fruit ripening, light sensor, Mindstorms

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