Determination of selected physical and mechanical properties of Chinese jujube fruit and seed


  • Rui Li Northwest A&F University
  • Jun Peng Northwest A&F University
  • Shipeng Sun Northwest A&F University
  • Ahmad Al-Mallahi FUJI Project, Bosch Corporation, Tokyo 1508360 Japan
  • Longsheng Fu Northwest A&F University


Chinese jujube, junzao, huizao, physical characteristics, mechanical properties


Some of physical characteristics and mechanical properties of two widely commercialized varieties of Chinese jujube (Zizyphus jujube cv. junzao and Zizyphus jujube cv. huizao) were studied at 62.2% and 35.4% w.b. for fruits and seeds of junzao and 70.3% and 25.2% w.b. for fruits and seeds of huizao. The results showed that fruits and seeds of junzao were larger in all the dimensions and heavier than that of huizao while the fruits of junzao were smaller in true density, bulk density and porosity than that of huizao. The aspect ratio and sphericity of both cultivars fruits were spherical and more likely to roll than slide. And all the physical parameters measured and calculated of both cultivars fruits and seeds were significant different to each other. The rupture force of junzao was higher than that of huizao at both orientations under compression. Greater rupture force and higher hardness were found at the horizontal orientation of both cultivars.






VI-Postharvest Technology and Process Engineering